Historical Collection
Chief Justice Victor Barnhill

Maurice Victor Barnhill, Fifteenth Chief Justice

Born: 5 Dec 1887, Halifax Co., NC
Died: 12 Oct 1963, Raleigh, NC
Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh, NC
Education: Elm City Academy, UNC Law School
Read Law:
Admitted: 1909
NC House: 1921
App’t to Superior Court: 1924
Elected to Superior Court: 1924, 1930
App’t to Supreme Court: 1937
Elected to Supreme Court: 1938, 1936
App’t Chief Justice: 1954
Elected Chief Justice: 1954
Retired: 1956
Preceded by:
Associate Justice: N/A*
Chief Justice: William A. Devin
Succeeded by:
Associate Justice: William Bobbitt
Chief Justice: J. Wallace Winborne
Number of Opinions:
720 Majority
59 Dissenting
32 Concurring
811 Total


* Appointed when the membership of the Court was increased from five to seven in June 15, 1937.


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