Historical Collection
Chief Justice Leonard Henderson

Leonard Henderson, The Second Chief Justice

Born: 6 Oct 1772, Granville Co., NC
Died: 13 Aug 1833, Granville Co., NC
Buried: Montpelier Plantation, Granville Co., NC
Education: Springer College, Williamsboro, NC
Read Law: Judge John Williams
Admitted: unknown
Opened Henderson law school: 1809
Elected to Superior Court: 1808
Elected to Supreme Court: 1 Jan 1819
Named Chief Justice: 1829
Retired: Aug 1833
Preceded by:
Associate Justice: N/A
Chief Justice: John Louis Taylor
Succeeded by:
Associate Justice: Thomas Ruffin
Chief Justice: Thomas Ruffin
Number of Opinions:
267 Majority
38 Dissenting
11 Concurring
316 Total



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