Historical Collection
Chief Justice William Stacy

Walter Parker Stacy, The Thirteenth Chief Justice

Born: 26 Dec 1884, Ansonville, NC
Died: 13 Sept 1951, Raleigh, NC
Buried: Mary Love Cemetary, Hamlet, NC
Education: UNC and UNC Law School
Read Law:
Admitted: 1909
NC House: 1915
App’t to Superior Court: 1915
Elected to Superior Court: 1916
Resigned: 1920
Elected to Supreme Court: 1920
App’t Chief Justice: 19205
Elected Chief Justice: 1926, 1934, 1942, 1950
Died in Office: 1951
Preceded by:
Associate Justice: George Brown
Chief Justice: William A. Hoke
Succeeded by:
Associate Justice: Lycurgus Varser
Chief Justice: William Devin
Number of Opinions:
1912 Majority
70 Dissenting
35 Concurring
2017 Total



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