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John Louis Taylor - The First Chief Justice

John Louis Taylor, The First Chief Justice

Born: 1 Mar 1769 in London, England
Died: 29 Jan 1829 in Raleigh, NC
Buried: Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh, NC
Education: William and Mary
Read Law: George Wythe
Admitted: 1788
Opened Taylor Law School: 1822
House of Commons: 1792, 1793, 1794
Elected to Superior Court: 1798
Elected to Supreme Court: 1 Jan 1819
Named Chief Justice: 1 Jan 1819
Died in office: 29 Jan 1829
Preceded by:
Associate Justice: N/A
Chief Justice: N/A
Succeeded by:
Associate Justice: N/A*
Chief Justice: Leonard Henderson
Number of Opinions:
153 Majority
16 Dissenting
9 Concurring
178 Total


* John Toomer was appointed to the Court upon the death of Chief Justice Taylor as an associate justice. His term expired December 1829 and Thomas Ruffin was elected to replace Toomer.


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