Historical Collection
Chief Justice James E. Shepherd

James E. Shepherd, The Eighth Chief Justice

Born: 26 Jul 1847, Mintonville, Va
Died: 7 Feb 1910, Baltimore, Md
Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh, NC
Education: UNC Law School
Admitted: 1868
Constitutional Convention: 1875
App’t Superior Court: Aug 1882
Elected to Superior Court: Nov 1882
Elected to Supreme Court: Nov 1888
App’t Chief Justice: Nov 1892
Defeated in Election: Nov 1895
Preceded by:
Associate Justice: N/A*
Chief Justice: Augustus A. Merrimon
Succeeded by:
Associate Justice: Armistead Burwell
Chief Justice: William Faircloth
Number of Opinions:
311 Majority
16 Dissenting
9 Concurring
336 Total


* Shepherd was elected in November 1888 following the passage of a constitutional amendment which expanded the number of seats on the Court from three to five.


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